Sift Heads World: Act 5: An Exotic Job is the fifth game of the Sift Heads World series. Vinnie want to take the Artifact from members of Blue Mafia.


This time, Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro went to Amazon, Brazil to transport the artifact to Sanavan - an owner of a Villa. The Blue Mafia chase after them to take it back. Then Vinnie (actually it based on the character you choose, but I think the protagonist this time is Vinnie) takes them down with the AK-47 (or revolver, based on the weapon you choose). Unluckily, they encounter a mafia member armed with the rocket launcher and shot the jeep, make them have to jump off the cliff.

The jeep has been destroyed, Vinnie then found Kiro and injured Shorty (If you choose Kiro, Shorty still got injured, If you choose Shorty, Kiro will be injured instead). Kiro doesn't have any munitions, Vinnie then clears the way to the river to take the boat. Then they come to the other side of the river, Kiro then told Vinnie that he lost the artifact on the explosion. Vinnie said that they'll take it back later.


After they take shelter on the side of the river, Vinnie went to the North Road and found the Blue Mafia. Vinnie decided to come into them, but he had been gotten into a jungle trap. Even so, he aimed at the mafia and took them down, shoot the rope to get out. Unfortunately, they have escaped with the Artifact.  

Vinnie went to East Road with the C4 Bomb, set the C4 under the bridge. He wait until the jeep of the Mafia come across and activate the C4 to take the Artifact. 

Meanwhile, Kiro and Shorty have been found by the Blue Mafia. Vinnie come back and rescued them, but he lost the Artifact to another mafia member. 


After rested for a while, Vinnie went to the villager, followed the trails of the blood. He found out the Blue Mafia have escaped in the train, Vinnie then took the motorbike there and followed it.

Vinnie took down all of the tough guards and got into the train. He went to the 1st carriage and found the Artifact, then decided to cut apart the 1st carriage from another carriages, then escaped.

Vinnie came to the Villa and gave Sanavan the Artifact, then he asked Vinnie where he was going. Vinnie answered: "Chicago, where else?"

After went back to Chicago, Vinnie and his team found out that his safe house has been destroyed and Alonzo has escaped, while it was raining.