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Sift Heads World Act 3:Alonzo's Reinforcement is the continueation of Sift Heads World Act 2:Treachous Return,again,it has a intro mission just like SHW:1 & SHW:2,i have a funny choice of character,Kiro ,'do know why?,here are my reasons,1.when Kiro gets caught by the police he'll say "Band of morons".2.When Kiro walks to the nearest door in the new hall,Shorty will say"are you trying to make Vinnie jealous? Kiro will immediatly say "sorry....wrong door!".Go to Darwen and get the tranquilaizing gun then go to city hall and tranquilaize the cops then go to the crime hideout i have two options either go to Darwen and upscale your gun or buy a new gun then kill everybody then grab the hard drive then go to the bussiness tower.Go to the roof then wait till the Po'lice Commisioner.Take a pic at him.then go to the airport to Palermor,Italy and go to these locations:The Port,Hotel and Apart Block,then go back to Chicago to buy weapons and go to City Hall But the Mayor isn't there so go to Gigi resturant then talk to the mayor but he gets killed before he says his secret so KILL EVERYBODY! then torture the guy.Use the chainsaw 1 or 2 times then use the Knife after that use his info but first buy a M16 or an Uzi to kill those tough dogs then go to Alonzo's trail and take the riot shield and shoot Alonzo with anything you got.Shoot Alonzo everytime he stops shooting but me i use a cheat and shoot him always.To use a cheat type the numbers 657 and put these cheats

perso:change character

revive:refill health

reload:reloads your current weapon

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