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Sift Heads World

Act 1: A Bloody Newcomer

Sift heads world 1


Sift Heads World

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Alonzo (unsuccessful)

Preceded by

Sift Renegade 2

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Sift Heads World: Act 2:Treacherous Return

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"Things are started to get intersting"


Sift Heads World Act 1 - The Bloody Newcomer This is a sequel of the game Sift Heads 5. The series focus mainly on Vinnie , Kiro and Shorty. Vinnie meets the Mafia Leader Alonzo and he became enemies with them because ever since Vinnie became a bounty hunter, the profits of the Italian Mafia are going down. So Vinnie's team and the Italian Mafia's showdown begins here..


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At the beginning of the game , Vinnie and Kiro are talking about the past.. Kiro said that Vinnie looks like an old retired bounty hunter. Vinnie said that he can guarantee that he is far from being retired while reaching for the phone call. On the phone , Shorty ( Vinnie's Girlfriend ) called Vinnie and said that she is at the port. Vinnie and Kiro are heading to the port to meet Shorty. After they reached the port ,

Alonzo confronting Vinnie

Shorty said that the Italian Mafia had regrouped. So Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty are ready to take them down.

(characters may vary) Assuming that we will be choosing Vinnie in this game..

Vinnie looked through the binoculars and spotted 5 Italian mafia guards. He immediately chose his weapon to take them out. After the guards has been taken care of , a guy named Alonzo aimed the g

Kiro tries to cut off Alonzo's right arm

un at Vinnie and said that ever since Vinnie arrived , their profits are going down. Before Alonzo could pull the trigger , Kiro suddenly appeared sliced off his right hand and the gun of Alonzo was now in the possession of Vinnie and Vinnie quickly shot Alonzo's head.

A Week LaterEdit

A week later , Vinnie and Kiro was surprised that Alonzo is still alive and he was been released from prison. Vinnie planned to go to their HQ in order to find and kill Alonzo. Vinnie went to their HQ and quickly eliminated Alonzo's henchmen. However , Alonzo is nowhere to find so he was called Shorty and told her that Alonzo was not here so Shorty suggested that they must find the Black Fox first. Vinnie agrees and find Black Fox's men.

(The sequence of this event will depend on which of the 3 missions must be finished first)

Black FoxEdit

Bar He went to the bar and asked one of the Black Fox's men where their boss is hiding. But the man kicked the table to Vinnie and escaped. However, he was shot in the leg and he insist not to tell where the black fox is so Vinnie finished him off by shooting him.

Slum Buildings SouthEdit

After that, Vinnie went to the Slum Building south of the town and he saw another man whose working for the Black Fox. While the man was walking, Vinnie punched him and he was unconcious. After he woke up , he was asked on where the Black Fox is hiding. Instead of telling the location of the Black Fox , he told Vinnie that he will prefer to die rather than revealing the exact location of the Black Fox so Vinnie killed him.

Slum Buildings NorthEdit

He went to the Slum Building north of town and he asked one of the Black Fox's men to race with him. If the man wins, Vinnie will give him 5000 bucks. However if Vinnie wins, the man will tell the location of the Black Fox. Vinnie won the race and the man told him that he will have a call.

Meeting Black FoxEdit

Vinnie received a call from Black Fox and told him that he will be meeting Black Fox in Slum Buildings north of town. Vinnie went to the Slum Buildings north of town and eliminate all Black Fox's henchmen. After the Black Fox begged Vinnie not to kill him. Instead of killing Black Fox, Vinnie gave him money and said that Black Fox will become their informant in order to find Alonzo.


After a few minutes, Black Fox called Vinnie through the phone and told him that Alonzo was hiding in Palermo, Italy. Vinnie fly(airplane) to the Italy and tried to infiltrate their base. However , the guards were plenty and he needs to find a way to  infiltrate it without alerting the guards. Black Fox call again and said that a girl named Cosima will help him.

Vinnie went to and old building west from the port and pull out a gun from a building to save Cosima from human trafficking on the another building. After Cosima was saved , she told that a delivery guy can get inside and outside of the base because he delivering cocaine to the Mafia. Vinnie went to the church and climb upstairs to spot and eliminate the delivery guy and take his truck. After he took the truck, he can get inside of the base without being caught. He went inside of the base and kill all of Alonzo's henchmen. However, Alonzo was not there.Instead, a recorder was played telling that Alonzo was not where Vinnie expected to be. So Vinnie took the keycard and unlock the door full of cash. Then he blew the whole place up....


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