Sift Heads 1
Developer Pyrozen
Location Chicago, USA
Release Date 2006 (Newgrounds)
Protagonist Vinnie
Predecessor None
Successor Sift Heads 2

Sift Heads  was the first game in the Sift Heads series. It is also known as Sift Heads 1.


Hit the Run

Vinnie is ordered to kill a Gray Mafia dealer, which he does with ease.

My Cuda

A Gray Mafia HUMMER rams into Vinnie's Barracuda, but he takes it out by killing the assailants inside.

Bloody Poker

Tony, the son of the Red Mafia leader is prosecuted, so he finds Angelo, a gray mafia underboss, and kills his rivals in Poker.

Under Pressure (Only in Sift Heads 1: Remastered)

Vinnie interrogates Angelo to find Tony, then kills Angelo after getting Tony's location.

Tony and Eli Morr

Tony is freed by Vinnie as he destroys the Gray Mafia guys, but then has to kill Tony and his father in order to save himself.

Eye for an Eye

Vinnie is attacked by a group of Red Mafia hitmen and kills them all with an SMG.


Vinnie proves his sniper skills by killing the Gray Mafia Leader Scaleri and his chief guard with one shots.


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