Some of the songs from Sift Heads are original compositions, whilst others are taken under fair use.

If you found its name in some forums or websites, add it under this line. It could help somehow:



Sift Heads 0

Today Was A Good Day by Ice Cube (chased by cops, Mission 4)


The Wind by Bassic


Waiwan - The Deep (after completing mission 4)


Freedom (Ccmixter Mix) by Johnny Gadget (The first contract)


AFK1 by Afrokarn

Listen + Download

Sift Heads 1

DJ Psycho- Hit that Bong


Jah Jah Lives by Ragedabluk

Cam Capone- Live Everyday


Listen + Download

Drown in My Own Tears by Ray Charles

Listen + Download


Part from 2:51 is in the Game.

Brave In The Heart by Big Pun ft Terrosquad Video Listen +Download

All Together Alone by Cloud Cult (it's a bit alike Blip by Alkemia) (Eyes for an eye mission)

Sift Heads 1 Remasterized

DJ Psycho- Hit that Bong Video

Drown in My Own Tears by Ray Charles Video

Big Pun & Alchemist - Brave in the Heart (Instrumental) (Credits) Video

Sift Heads 2

Dangereux by IAM

Video Tarif C by Oxmo Puccino (Intro)


9 Teen 90 Nine by Limp Bizkit (Vinnie racing to airport)


La rue t'observe by Arsenik


Intro by Arsenik


Perfect Love by Offer Nissim ft. Maya (Mission : The trap)

Lapdance (NIN Remix) by N.E.R.D (triad son, mission 4)

Re-Entry by Limp Bizkit (Street Kid race music)

Smack my bitch up by The Prodigy (Last Mission)

Battle by Gang Starr (Credits)


Sift Heads 3

Inner City Blues by Marvin (Main Menu)

Xzibit- The Gambler (first song at the intro after throwing knife)

Hallowed be thy name by P-Mac (Intro)

Czas Sie Zmieniea by Zar (after intro)

Rap AFK 28 by Afrokarno [1]

Take Control by Amerie (After clear the police in the roof)

The Learning by Mobb Deep (Chapter 2)

Go By Mario (Chapter 4) (enemies come at you)

Slikk - Most Wanted (Credits)

Xeno Giraffe - The Ritual of Crab People (shooting the helicopter)

Sift Heads 4

Cloud Nine by The Temptations (menu)

Natural Blues by Moby

Busta Rhymes- Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (News Reporter Backgrounds Music)

Chilling vol. 1 by Danubius (Newgrounds) (Mission Successful)

The Art of DnB by Kurt (Newgrounds)

Enter the Stronghold by Denny Schneidemesser after the beggining

Barrel of a Gun by Marky Spark (Newgrounds)

Sift Heads 5

The Canyon of Fear by Grant (Newgrounds)

Hard Rain by Grant (Newgrounds)

Bangin Hip Hop Beat by Grant (Newgrounds)

Killer Bonfire by eddie (Newgrounds)

Prog/Techno by Wajah (arcade game in the bar) (Newgrounds)

Sinister by Blue Sky Black Death ft Holocaust (Receiving new objective)

Floor Chalk by Blue Sky Black Death feat. Guru & Chief Kamachi (menu)

The Voice by F.D.OG (ending)

Sift with Shorty X-Mess

Gracious Winter by Nemesis Theory

Sugar Free by SREvol

Winter's Glare by DbX / Shamukh

The Dismissal by DbX / Shamukh

Repose by DbX / Shamukh

Indiscretion by DbX / Shamukh

Beyond Death by DbX / Shamukh

A dream Of her by Eric Koelzow

Daybreak by DJ BrixX / Brittany Barrett

Deceptive [OM] by Pulstate

Vinnie Shooting Yard ==

Jedi Mind Tricks - Apostles Creed

Jedi Mind Tricks - The Three Immortals

Immortal Technique - The Cause of Death

Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2

Nosebleed by Vinnie Paz Ft. R.A. The Rugged Man (intro)

Jedi Mind Tricks- Uncommon Valor ( a Vietnam Story )

Vinnie's Shooting Yard 3

Monarchs by Blue Sky Black Death (main menu)

Genghis Khan by Jedi Mind Tricks (Targets Soundtrack)

Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4

Ninja in Action by Arthur187

Whats UP!? by Scott Paquette

Vinnie's Shooting Yard 5

Breekbeat by Victor

I Don't Need You Anymore by Ian Slider

Energy Infiltration by Jonathan Bradley

Carly Comando-Everyday (remix) by viion

The Final Chase by Dj Bjra

Sift Renegade

Ancient Land - mattcalpo

Synteza- Pyramids

DBX- Roftloop

Ian Mcmillen- XvoyagerX

Sift Renegade 2

Twins of Duality by Halcyonic Falcon X

Invisible Observer - Leaving a Trail

Archangel Briggs- New Breed

Justice - Genesis

Shorty Covers ==

Nietz Lawe- Stray Dawg

Jevon James- Forgot Your Name

Kid Crisis- Ride On Em

Mike (Wyze-Stingray) - Light

Nc321 - The New Skill

Musical Armed Robbery - DJ-Delinquent

Sift with Shorty

Asian Temptation by Nemesis Theory

Blessed Requiem by Nemesis Theory

Belittlement by Nemesis Theory

A Trip Down Memory Lane by Nemesis Theory

Soundslayer by Nemesis Theory

Turn of Tides by Nemesis Theory

Wired and High by JimmyPig

Don't Give a Damn by Nemesis Theory

Vinnie's Rampage

Say Hey There by Atmosphere

Sift Heads World Act 1

Taking Ova by Tha Remedy Beats

Toilethole is full by SocialSmile (In Other Missions)

Engage My Words by Blue Sky Black Death (Menu/Palermo)

Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye (intro, warehouse, radio)

Wing to Wingfeather by Blue Sky Black Death

Track 5 - Pyrozen (Hotel)

Peyote by I-doser

State of the Union by The Search (Quietly Place)

Sift Heads World Act 2

Taking Ova by Tha Remedy Beats

Papa Was A Rolling Stone by The Tempitations (Vinnie's Smoking)

Tension by Stratkat

KC_All_My_Life by Kid Crisis (beginning)

My Destination by Nemesis Theory

Snake Eyes by Z-Trip (bike)

Wing to Wingfeather by Blue Sky Black Death

The Search by State of Union

Sift Heads World Act 3

Taking Ova by Tha Remedy Beats

Twilight Zone by Blue Sky Black Death

Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Safe House)

Cinderella by The Sonics (beginning, Vinnie's car, before crush)

Revenge by Brian Tyler

Sift Heads World Act 4

Pharoah's Brew by Freddy Finger (Menu)

A Bug is Born by Blangonga (Newgrounds) (Shory reads the letter from Claire)

Welcome to the Suck by Jarhead Thomas (Snow Battle Theme: Helicopter, Bar Battle, Leave Cottage Battle)

Machete by Moby (Kiro jump off from the helicopter)

Tell No Tales by Nakisima (Newgrounds) (Inside the Bar)

In A Hood Near You by Suni Clay ("No weapon, just us men" Mission)

Musty Elbow (Author Unknown) (Credits) (I found this song has a lot of name, but in the credits it said Musty Elbow)

Sift Heads World Act 5

Taking Ova by Tha Remedy Beats (Intro)

Guns by Harry Gregson Williams (main menu)

Amazon of the Deep by aplen22 (Mission: Let Them Go)

Amazon Groove by Mihai Sorohan


Twins of Duality by Halcyonic Falcon X (safehouse, ending)

Brian vs Dom by Brian Tyler

Sift Heads World Act 6

Taking Ova by Tha Remedy Beats (Intro)

Barrel of a Gun by Marky Spark (Newgrounds) (Last Mission)

Bride of Punkara by Asian Dub Foundation (main menu and Tokyo)

Twins of Duality by Halcyonic Falcon X (beginning of the game)

Strychnine by The Sonics (Alonzo men posted at the HQ)

Yellow Bream by F-Fields (Yakuza's Tower inside)

Oye Como Va by Carlos Santana (Hawaii)

I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye (Darwen's home and safe house)

Sift Heads World Act 7

Assassin by Brian Tyler (main menu)

Frenzy by MS Beats (intro)

Downtown Tokyo Chase by Brian Tyler (Assault with henchmen at Darwen's home)

The Final Cut by Brian Tyler (Sniping Mission in Alonzo's hideout)

Symphonic Touge by Brian Tyler (Find Alonzo and Yuuma in the hideout) Endless Effort by Grant Bowtie

Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones (Credits)

Sift Renegade 3

Runaway train by Frank Klepacki

Ona Hei (Shogun II: Total War OST)

Sift Heads Assault 1

Currently Unknown

Sift Heads Assault 2

Currently Unknown

Sift Heads Assault 3

Currently Unknown