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Master yuuma

Grandmaster Yuuma, is an oldest samurai and He is Strongest Samurai, he is the leader of the Yakuzas clan and younger brother of Triad Chief and older brother of Yakuza Chief, in which Kiro was part of it but he rebelled against the clan and joined Vinnie's side.In world act II, the Yakuzas were after the clan and the game is not over, even when Kiro faced Yuuma in a battle, this last, did not got killed and he disappeared somehow . He eventually teamed up with Alonzo and helped him escape his prison cell in the safe house. In Sift Heads World Act 6, Yuuma tried to enter the american black market with the help of Alonzo, but his plan failed thanks to Vinnie and his gang. In revenge, Alonzo and Yumma set them a trap making Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro the most wanted people in America.and Main Antagonist of Sift Renegade1 He is Older Cousin of Triad Chief (Sift Renegade1)and He is Secondary Antagonist of Sift Heads World Act Series

In Sift Heads World Act 7, Yuuma is closing a deal with Alonzo in the Mafia headquarters in Chicago when they are surprised by Vinnie. When Alonzo shoot Vinnie, Yuuma thinks that they have won, not knowing that Kiro was in the headquarters too. Yuuma is killed when Kiro cuts off part of his head with his katana.

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