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Here is some cheat codes from the Sift Heads series. For Sift Heads World press 6, 5, and 7 in gameplay Edit

also check out xperthef

All Weapons: terminator

More Cash: clikclak

Aborted Flight Level:sex fucking her in the butt

Red Morning Level: redm

Bad Time Level: badt

Hunter Storm Level: hunt

Shift And Sift Level: shif

Killed By A God Level: kill

Light City Level: ligh

Transaction Level: tran

Trap Level: trap

Let's Roll Level: lets

Last Run Level: last

Skip Videos: 0 (during videos)

Cheat codes for Sift Heads 0.

no cheat codes in level 1 of Sift Heads 0.

Level 2 : ride

Level 3: less

Level 4: driv

Level 5: cont

Level 6: born

Cheat codes for Sift Heads.

Invincibility: mafioso

Unlimited Ammo: vinnie

Cheat codes for Sift Heads 3.

Unlimited Ammo: sift

Infinite Health: rock

All Weapons: boom

no cheat code in level 1 of Sift Heads 3.

Level 2: fk4h

Level 3: pr3t

Level 4: dula

Level 5: gtw4

Cheat codes for Sift Heads 5.

All Weapons: weal

Infinity Of Ammo: amin

Invincible Vinnie: lein

Access To Every Area: enter "aeac" then press "m" in gameplay

Random Costume: cone

Sexy Shorty: shna

Rapid Fire: sexy

More Stability When you shoot: stmo

More Cash: camo

Skip Shooting at Intro: press "i"

Cheat codes for Sift Heads World series.

Infinite Health: luckyvin

Extra Health: revive

Cashes: money

Unlock Basement Outside Of Safehouse: treasure

Change Person: perso

Secret Costume: halloween

Sniper: snipe

Shotgun: burst

Sift Heads World Act 2 only.

Auto Shotgun: watchout

Kiro's Tae Kwon Do Costume: animal

Goes Straight To Last Level: yumma

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