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• 6/14/2016

Sift Heads IS DEAD

the developers do nothing and its benn over for 3 yrs to make a game!!!

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• 12/23/2016
in 2017 a new game may appear.
• 1/13/2018
It is 2018
• 2/1/2018
sift heads world cartels act 1,2, and 3 came out but it has been a while.
• 4/30/2018
Hey guys, don't know if this wiki is active in discussions anymore, but recently I've been starting to play sift heads series, and I was looking over the character wikis and it says that Shorty, Vinnie's girlfriend, makes a short cameo in Sift Heads 3. I have looked up my game play and a walk through to see where she is but I got no clue on which chapter she appears on. The only scene I can think of is that girl in the bikini in the beginning of chapter 1. This might have been obvious to depict, but can someone edit her wiki to which chapter she is shown or mentioned in sift heads 3? Thanks, and I'm glad this game has a fandom willing to put the time to make a wiki about their favorite flash game series.
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